Magnetic Lashes Set

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2 options available: Natural or Dramatic lash styles

Set Includes:
- 5 pairs of magnetic lashes (16 mm length)
-2 tubes of magnetic eyeliner

 -1 set of lash tweezers
- Box has a built in mirror 

** Box comes in colors pink or white  

1. Trim lashes ( If needed)
Do not trim the outer magnets

2. Shake eyeliner and apply a thick line of magnetic liner. Allow to set for 40 seconds or until tacky.
*Make sure your lash line is clean and free of make up before applying

3. Click on lashes
-Start at the inner corner of the eye, place lashes on your lash line and press to click lashes into position.

If you need to reposition the lashes you may need to reapply the liner

4. Removal
- gently pull the lash away from your eye. Remove the eyeliner by using makeup remover.