Showstopper (25 MM)

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We don’t need drama in our lives, except when it comes to lashes, right?
If you like long lashes that are full of volume and flare, the Showstopper lashes are for you. Lashes are re-usable for 20-25 wears, with proper csre 


Instructions for Application:

1. Remove lash strips gently from case, making sure not to rip strip

2. Measure strip along eye from edge to cut, trim excess length if needed 

3. Place lash glue (adhesive) along strip, avoiding lash

4. With fingers or a set of applicator tweezers, apply lash to eye, placing lash as close to the lash line as possible. Avoid placing the strip above your lash line as this will cause a gap between your lash line and eyelid.  Repeat for other eye.

Please note, the closer the lash is applied to your lash line, the more natural they will appear.